Third Quarter 2003 Archive [Beginning of July to the end of September]
09.29.03 PS2 Energy Airforce: Aim Strike!, Private Nurse Maria
Toy BT-01 Smokescreen Impreza, FFX-2 Swing Figures, Naruto Plushes, Nostalgic LCD Game capsule toys, Onegai Teacher polystone figure, Pia Welcome to Carrot 1/7 scale figure, Pokemon plushes, Tenchu 3 Rikimaru figure, Transformers Collection 10, Vampire Saviour 3.5
Summary Playmore delays SNK vs Capcom Chaos for the Neo-Geo to November 13 and NCS opens up preorders for two Biohazard Outbreak accessories shipping on December 11 - an 8M memory card and a decorative stand. A whole mess of toys also arrive this week with the BT-01 Smokescreen Impreza selling well although Takara short-shipped the item. Another production is expected within 2 weeks and we'll fill all remaining preorders at that time.
09.22.03 DC Border Down - Regular and Limited Edition,Capcom vs SNK 2000 Pro, Memories Off 2nd, Powerstone 2, Snow, Tako no Marine, Yoshia no...
GBA Shin Megami Tensei 2
GC Tengai Makyo 2: Manji Maru
PS Rockman X4, 11 Tokimeki Memorial re-releases
PS2 Arc the Lad TOS, Adventure Boy Club Magazine, Aikagi, D.N.Angel, Dear Boys Fast Break, Grand Theft Auto 3, Hello Kitty 8M, Makai Hero Maximo, Memories Off Mix, New Best Play Pro Baseball, NHK Tensai Bit-Kun, Operator's Side, Sega Ages Golden Axe, Sega Ages Space Harrier, Shin Sangoku Musou 3 Mushouden Memory card - game - deluxe pack, Space Invaders 15th Anniversary Bundle, Sunrise World War, Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 
Toy Kenshin Dragon Quest
Summary NCS imports a mass of Japanese imports this week due to a delay from last week. Border Down sells well as expected and we plan on keeping enough quantities of both versions to last us until the end of the year.
09.15.03 NADA Due to import shipment delays, NCS receives...nothing new this week.
Summary Preorders are offered for Gotcha Force for Gamecube, Beyond the Grave action figures and Onimusha Buraiden. We also start preorders for Transformers Collection #11 which features Astro Train.
09.08.03 DC KOF 2000, Miss Moonlight, Moero! Justice Gakuen, Pandora's Dream 
GBA Legend of Stafi 2, Naruto Konoha Senki,Shin Kisekae Monogatari, Ojaru Maru, Pearl GBA SPs
GC Gekitou Professional Baseball, Mario Golf, Station Rack GCR-Z, Zoids Versus Regular and LE 
PS2 Baseball 2003: Battle Ballpark, Drag-On Dragoon, Gekitou Baseball, Psyvariar Medium Unit
Summary NCS opens up preorders for notable imports shipping towards the end of the year including Gamecube Phantasy Star Online III and a re-issue of Phantasy Star 1+2 which fixes the duping bug. A bunch of months ago, Sega offered an exchange program for the buggy PSO v1.0 and while we were able to handle a small amount of exchanges, the PSO v1.1 disk was never widely available. The new re-release makes the game available to everyone at a reasonable price.
09.01.03 PS2 Gundam Meguriai Sora Regular and Limited Edition
TOYS Evangelion Visual Packaging, Macross Collection, Macross Super Pack Parts, Macross Valkyrie VE-1 Elint Seeker, VT-1 Super Ostrich, Myclone AS-5, Sonic X Tinibiz, Sumomo Figure, Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Toys
Summary The week is filled with toys including the nicely done Street Fighter 15th Anniversary candy toys and beautifully crafted Macross Valkyries from Yamato. Sharp lines, exacting detail and superb workmanship are the hallmarks of the new Macross Valkyrie VE-1 Elint Seeker and VT-1 Super Ostrich.
08.25.03 GBA Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu, Pretty Princess 3
GC Tales of Symphonia
PS1 Azito, Wolf Fang
PS2 Bistro Cupid 2 Regular and Limited Edition, Fantasy Zone Sega Ages, Gaika no Gouhou Air Land Force, Juuni Kuniki: Guren no Hyou Koujin no Mitsu, Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix 2, Monaco GP Sega Ages, Natsuyume Ya Wa, Shirachuu TakenbouPhantasy Star Generation 1, Winning Post 6
XBX Bistro Cupid 2 Regular Edition, Limited Edition, Circus Drive
Summary The wheels start spinning fast once again with a large number of imports released to market. The 2003 holiday shopping season is just around the corner and NCS prepares for the faster pace of business in the coming weeks.
08.18.03 PS1 The Dog Master
PS2 Sidewinder V, Yakiniku Bugyou Bonfire!
Summary Business returns to full speed after last week's power hiccup. There's a dearth of new imports this week but restock and recent stock bolster our sales as we move inventory. NCS also begins a project this week to catalog every Japanese magazine in our inventory with the aim of selling them off before the end of the year. Through the decade that we've been in business, we've amassed thousands upon thousands of magazines, mooks and other publications and its time to move that stock. We're also mindful of our JAMMA pcb stock which we would like to sell off one of these days and we'll work on cataloging that inventory as well. Last on our list, old toys and products which are still not on our shopping sites which we'll work on finding and putting up for sale before the end of the year. This week, we find mint Spectreman figures from 1998.
08.11.03 GBA Aladdin
MISC Game Theory Admiral
PS2 Monster Farm 4, Tales of Destiny 2 - Asian Chinese Language Version
Summary A widespread blackout on late Thursday afternoon ruins our shipping plans for Thursday and Friday as our couriers are unable to operate normally. Difficult to conduct business when none of your drivers are able to get to work. NCS' main website at goes offline for a little over 28 hours but we're back to normal speed as Friday evening rolls around. With the power outage behind us, we realize how dependent our society has become on electricity - absolutely nothing could be done without juice and operations were entirely stopped when the power ceased flowing. Might be a good idea to get some hand crank generators or backup power supplies for the company in the event that anything like this happens again. Solar power is also looking good about now. 
08.04.03 GBA Animal Island Chobi Gurumi, Bobobobo Bobobo Shinken Battle, Rockman EXE Battlechip GP, Super Robot Wars D
GC Biohazard Code Veronica, Biohazard Collector's Box, Dragon Drive, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Final Fantasy Chronicles Memory Card 
PS1 Policenauts, Rave Groove Adventure, Rave Mikan Hisek 
PS2 All Star Pro Wrestling 3, Gachinko Professional Baseball, Gregory Horror Show, Hanshin Tigers Memory Card, Hungry Ghosts, Lupin the Third Mirror & Figure, Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden, Kyoufu Shinbun, Real Sports Professional Baseball, World Soccer Winning Eleven 7
TOYS Ai Yori Aoshi Capsule Toys, Dragonball Figures - Set 2, Evangelion 02 Production Figure, Lupin the Third Mirror & Figure, Mario Magnet Capsule Toys, Sonic X Plush Figures 
WSC Rockman EXE N1 Battle
XBX Sentou Yousei Yuki Kaze
Summary A large assortment of imports arrived this week ranging from toys to the usual shipments of new Japanese imports. NCS also restocked a large number of titles to replenish dwindling warehouse stock as the summer sales continue to prove resilient.
07.28.03 DC For Symphony, Missing Parts 3
GBA Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire, Tales of Phantasia
GC Bomberman Land 2, Lupin 3, Monopoly
PS1 Metal Slug PSOne Books
PS2 Akudaikan, Akudaikan 2, Guilty Gear XX #Reload Game + Pad, K-1 Grand Prix World GP, Makai Tensei, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Sakura Yuki Gekka, Space Invaders 25th Anniversary, Table Mahjong SL2000, True Love Story Summer Days and Yet 
TOYS Final Fantasy X2 Minimum Figures, Love Hina High Grade Figures, Macross 1/48 Scale VF-1A Low Visibility, Rurou ni Kenshin Story Image Figures, Star Ocean 3 Collection Figure, Transformers Small AS-1 Toys 
WSC Saint Seiya Gold Fantasy Story
ETC Virtual On Marz Official Soundtrack
Summary The new shopping site is rebuilt and we build a couple of servers colocated around the country to keep it running in case one server goes down. Its an extremely busy week with a massive influx of imports and next week doesn't look too shabby either.
07.21.03 GBA Shin Megami Tensei Puzzle de Goal!, Onimusha Tactics, Shining Soul 2, Top Gear Rally SP
GC F-Zero GX
PS1 Carnage Heart EX, Prince of Tennis, Vandal Hearts, Vandal Hearts 2
PS2 Black Matrix 2 Best, Close To, Eve Burst Error Plus - Regular and Limited Edition, Love Horror Adventure, Prince of Tennis Smash Hit, Shutoko Battle Zero One
Summary The new NCS shopping site continues to undergo maintenance but we'll be up and running again early next week. It's another busy week with a number of new imports. We're beyond the halfway point of 2003 and before long, we'll be planning for holiday sales, winter days and the end of the year...
07.14.03 DC Merge Marginal
GBA Bokura no Taiyo, Boktai Bundle, Cyber Drive Zoids, Croket! Kindan no Bank to Banjyu, Hamster Club 4, Sonic Pinball Party
GC Doraemon Let's Play Together, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, Pokemon Channel
PS2 Bomberman Land 2, First Kiss Story 1&2 Regular and Limited, Kino no Tabi, Merge Marginal Regular and Limited, Rockman X7, R-Type Final, Shoubushi Tetsuya 2, Torakapuu Dash Regular and Limited, Virtual View Megumi, Virtual View Nemoto Harumi, Virtual View R.C.T.
WSC Super Robot Wars Compact 3
XBX Bloody Roar Extreme
Summary A large assortment of imports arrive this week and we work through the inventory. Our new online shop is taken down for maintenance at the end of the week but we should have it up and running again by early next week. In the meantime, the trusty old shopping site works overtime to accommodate the rush of orders when the new imports arrive. NCS opens up preorders for the Gamecube Tales of Symphonia bundle and the Gamboy Advance SP Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu bundle.  
07.07.03 DC My Merry Maybe
GBA Hamster Paradise Pure Heart, Super Mario Advance 4
GC Cubic Lode Runner, Kero Kero King DX, Kirby's Air Ride, Star Soldier 
PS2 BOF 5 - Best, Culdcept II Expansion - Best, Eternal HDD Kit, Inaka Kurasi South Island - Best, Gundam Federation vs Zeon - Best, Rez - Best, Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni, Silent Hill 3 Limited Edition, Slotter Up Core
MISC Street Fighter Eternal Challenge Book
Summary NCS starts the third quarter off with shipments of Silent Hill 3 Limited Edition and a number of imports. NCS also opens up preorders for the Dreamcast import Border Down which looks to be our next big DC seller. NCS also posts up a preview of the game with an overview of the first level. Although we don't think it will reach the numbers hit by Ikaruga, we expect it to reach our top 10 sellers based on the preorder surge from last week.
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