Fourth Quarter 2003 Archive [Beginning of October to the end of December]
12.29.03 GC Sonic Heroes
PS2 Sonic Heroes
XBX Sonic Heroes
Summary The year ends with a speedy hedgehog making his way onto three consoles in Japan. It's been another interesting year and we look forward to more interesting times in 2004.
12.22.03 DC Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe Curio
PS2 Battle Gear 3, Bujingai, Full Metal Alchemist, SNK vs Capcom Chaos, SVC Chaos Joystick, Suisui Sweet, Taiko no Tatsujin 4 memory card 
XBX Otogi Hyakku Toubatsu Emaki
Summary It's the calm after the storm in our case as most of our holiday shipments were dispatched and fulfilled last week. Standard sales remain brisk this week but the releases slow to a trickle with only one big release - SNK vs Capcom Chaos for PS2 - shipping out on December 26. NCS opens up preorders for a number of items shipping in February and March including the Sengoku Musouden Treasure Box and Pop 'n Taisen Puzzle Dama. 
12.15.03 GBA Astro Boy, Harvest Moon for Girls, Hardcover Advance SP - Pokemon Generation and Rockman EXE, Rockman EXE4 GBA Bundle
GC Dream Mix TV World Fighters, Duel Masters Nettou! Battle Arena, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 10 Decision, Kinnikuman 2-Yo, One Piece Treasure Battle, Shaman King, Takahashi Meijin Adventure Island, Viewtiful Joe Revival 
PSX DESR-5000 console
PS2 Ceramic White Dual Shock Pad, Memory Card and Vertical Stand, Columns Sega Ages 2500, Dream Mix TC World Fighters, Front Mission 4, Front Mission 4 Memory Card, Growlanser III, Growlanser IV, Growlanser IV Memory Card, Growlanser Collection, Hyper Street Fighter Regular and Limited Edition, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 10 Decision, Kamen Rider 555, Karaoke Revolution 5-8, Karaoke Revolution Anime Song, Karaoke Revolution Snow & Party, New Century GPX Cyber Formula, Prince of Tennis: Smash Hit! 2, Separate Controller, Taiko no Tatsujin 4, Takahashi Meijin Adventure Island, Wind
TOY Love Hina Again Extra Xmas Figures, Evangelion Christmas Figures 
Summary Quite possibly the busiest week this year as orders rush in and we scramble to make sure most popular items are stocked, restocked and restocked again in time for everyone's orders. Naruto 2 is the most popular seller this week and we can't keep it in stock for more than a day - unfortunately its sold out in Japan as the week ends and we're left with no inventory for at least another 1-2 weeks. We receive our first shipments of the PSX and while it pre-sold better than we expected, there's no massive demand for the console. The high price tag probably contributed to the lackluster sales...
12.08.03 GBA Card Captor Sakura, Gegege no Kitaro, Gojira Advance, ower Pro Kun Pocket 6, Rockman EXE 4 Tournament (Blue Moon/Red Sun), Sonic Battle, Super Donkey Kong 
GC Dabitsuku 3, Donkey Konga, Momotaro Densetsu XII, One Piece Grand Battle 3 
NEO Samurai Shodown V
PS1 Front Mission History
PS2 Ashitano Joe, Biohazard Outbreak (Game/Memory Card/Stand), Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection (Game/Bundle), Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku, G-Taste Mahjong, Gegege no Kitaro, J-League Winning Eleven Tactics, Love * Ping Pong, Momotaro Densetsu XII, One Piece Grand Battle 3, PC Genjin, Roommate Asami D-Collection, Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary
TOY Kenshin Dragon Quest Bouken Memory Card
Summary A busy week as we head for the home stretch. The big holiday is two weeks away and a good assortment of imports arrive as potential stocking stuffers. NCS also posts up news on Christmas figures that are expected next week - Love Hina characters and Evangelion girls in Santa suits.
12.01.03 GC Baten Kaitos, Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2
PS2 Gran Turismo 4 Prologue, Kunoichi, Z Gundam AEUG vs Titans
TOYS Chun-Li vs Cammy Candy Toys, Godzilla X Mothra Candy Toy, Macross 1/48 Scale Super Pack Parts, Macross VF-1J Regular and Deluxe, Matrix Reloaded Kubrick Figures, Onegai Teacher One Coin Figures, Sega Girls Capsule Toys, Star Wars 2 Kubrick Figures, Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Chun-Li figures, Valkyrie VF-1J Regular and Deluxe, Zelda Sword Capsule Toys
Summary Psyvariar 2 preorders for Dreamcast and Metal Slug 5 preorders for Neo-Geo are opened up and we also start preorders for a number of imports that are shipping in January and February such as Kaido Battle 2, Onimusha 3 and Pop 'n Music 9. Some shipments arrive very early this week but others are held up for inexplicable reasons and we're disappointed by delayed Naruto 2 shipments which have been sitting in a Kentucky warehouse for 2 days.
   The shopping days left until Christmas are winding down and a surge of order volume takes us by surprise as we ramp up for the end of the year. Stock levels are good but many popular items are beginning to dwindle down to critical levels. Of course, we're on the horn with suppliers to restock products in time for the next week or two. A blizzard on Friday ruins some of our shipping plans but we make do with early Express Mail dispatches. Hopefully, our outbound shipments to customers won't be overly affected.
11.24.03 GBA F-Zero Falcon Densetsu, Magical Quest 3, Movie Card Adapter, SD Gundam G Generation Advance, SD Gundam GGA Bundle 
GC Dragonball Z Budokai, Gotcha Force, Mario Party 5, Gundam Gamecube Bundle, Medarot Brave, PSO Ep. 1&2, PSO Ep. 3 and Memory Card, R: Racing Evolution, Sammy Keyboard
PS2 Assorted Memory Cards, Castlevania, Castlevania LE, Death Crimson OX+, Ever 17 Premium, Ichigeki Sachuu! Hoihoi-san Regular and Limited Edition, K1 World Grand Prix 2003, Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu, Karaoke Revolution (6 volumes), Lode Runner, Minna no Golf 4, Onimusha Buraiden, R: Racing Evolution, School Heaven Boys Love Scramble, Star Soldier, Volleyball Simple 2000, Wild Arms Alter Code F, Wild Arms Alter Code F LE, Zero Crimson Butterfly 
XBX Magatama, R: Racing Evolution 
Summary NCS brings in a total of 44 new imports this week including an early shipment of Onimusha Buraiden on Monday and good amounts of imports on Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, we give thanks for a strong business despite the tepid economy and IT departments getting hit by sizable layoffs (a good chunk of our customer base work in IT). We've been able to attract a fairly diverse demographic of customers in recent years which helps to broaden our audience. Downturns in the economy seem to take place at the beginning of every decade but generally perk up as we head into the midterms - so take heart in historic norms.
11.17.03 GBA Mario & Luigi, Oriental Blue, Zooo
PS1 Akumajou Dracula X, Ganbare Goemon, Gradius Gaiden, Parodius Deluxe Pack, Twinbee Deluxe Pack - PSOne Books Re-releases
PS2 Evangelion 2: Shinseiki Evangelions, Hisako Takahashi's Let's Marathon, Kuma Uta, Mojib Ribbon, Pride GP 2003, Pro Baseball Team Tsukuru! 2003, Xenosaga Reloaded 
WSC Dragonball Zed
Summary Sales volumes trend up as we gear up for the holiday shopping season. NCS previews the Sega Toys lineup for early 2004 and we post up the nearly complete PS2 import schedule for February 2004. Notables include Sakura Taisen Mysterious Paris, Cool Girl, Armored Core Nexus and Dororo.
11.10.03 GBA Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest
NEO SNK vs Capcom Chaos
PS1 Sister Princess Premium Fan Disk
PS2 Love Smash 5
TOYS Alien Vol. 1, Macross Candy Toy, Naruto Action Figure, Naruto Keychain, Namco Gals
Summary Sony opens up preorders for a clear-black PS2 that is to replace the solid-black default model that has ruled the market for the past few years. A re-release of the Midnight Blue console is also on schedule for late in the year. SNK vs Capcom Chaos reaches the Neo Geo home market after a couple of delays and NCS prepares for the next release which is Samurai Showdown V which ships in December. In other news, NCS checks out a few Epoch capsule toys and a Hori Separate Pad.
11.03.03 GBA Screen Case SP - Pokemon
GC Mario Kart Double Dash!!
PS1 Metal Gear Solid Integral PSOne Books, Summon Night 2 PSOne Books
PS2 Glass Rose, Siren, Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander, Tales of Destiny Megahits
TOYS Alien Vol. 1, Macross Candy Toy, Naruto Action Figure, Naruto Keychain, Namco Gals
Summary Sony announces a new duo of color PS2 consoles shipping in time for the holiday season - one's ceramic white and the other's a Gold Gundam unit with remarkable player (playa?) sensibilities. Towards the end of the week and too late for us to update, a silver PS2 console is also announced by Sony for shipping later in the year. We'll post details and open up preorders on Monday morning. On the toy front, we post up a few photos of the DHyp Future Mickey and Twiggy toys from Medicom. Weather takes a turn for the arctic as a cold front hits our area and sends squirrels and pigeons into forage mode so they can grab enough calories to keep them comfortable through the nights.
10.27.03 PS2 Air Ranger 2 Plus, Cho Aniki Seinaru Protein Densetsu, D.C.P.S. Regular and Limited, Kiss of Prince Flame Version, Shinki Genso Spectral Souls Regular and Limited, Taiko no Tatsujin Appare Sandaime Regular Edition and Tatacon Bundle, Tentama First Sunny Side, Transformers Tatakai with bonus Matrix DVD
Summary The weather's been relatively balmy these past few days and we're averaging in the 60s. Its a busy week with a number of highly anticipated imports led by Transformers Tatakai. We also see continued strength in PS2 Macross and Naruto sales which look to bolster our sales up until the holiday season.
10.20.03 DC Sweet Season
GBA Bomberman Jetters Game Collection, Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody
GC Shikigami no Shiro 2
PS1 Front Mission First, Jaleco Collection Vol. 1
PS2 Hyper Dimension Fortress Macross, King of Fighters 2001, Lost Passage Regular and LE, Naruto Narultimate Hero, Netsu Chu! Professional Baseball 2003 Fall, Shadow Tower Abyss, The Shooting Double Shienryu 
Summary As the weather cools, we find that one of our offices heat. Well, there is heat coming from one pipe in a corner of the office which provides enough warmth for 1 square foot of space. Of course, there's another 1999 square feet of office space that isn't being heated. There's a valve somewhere that needs to be tweaked or something. Temperatures get precarious in the beginning of the week but warm up by Thursday-Friday. A plumber has been scheduled for next Monday and we should get things toasty again before the real chill sets in. Ironically, three of our other offices in the building are stifling and so warm that we need to crack open the windows to knock the temperatures from 88 to a more comfortable 70. Gamewise, things are hectic with Macross, Narultimate and Shikigami no Shiro 2 leading sales. Looks like we'll end the month with a bang.
10.13.03 GC Atsumare! Made in Wario
OST Shikigami no Shiro 2
PS2 Chain Dive
Summary NCS opens up preorders for a number of nice upcoming imports such as Donkey Konga, Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2, KOF Gals Statues, FFX-2 International and Front Mission History.
10.06.03 GC Giant Egg, Hanshin Tigers Gamecube, Hori Memory Cards, NHK Tensai Bit-Kun Guramon
PS2 DDR Extreme, Interlude, Kimagure Strawberry Cafe, Psyvariar Revision, Samurai Michi 2
Summary NCS imports a new Gamecube variant striped with the Hanshin Tigers pinstripes. With the beleagured Tigers winning the central league pennant, the team breaks the curse of the Colonel... A number of important preorders are also opened up this week for Hyper Street Fighter 2, Samurai Spirits Zero and GT4 Prologue. SD Gundam G Generation Advance and the bundle should also factor as strong sellers as the holiday season nears. In background news, we set up our fifth server to provide redundancy for our websites and learn a little bit about DNS, name servers, zones, etc. 
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