Second Quarter 2003 Archive [Beginning of April to the end of June]
06.30.03 GBA Hachiemon, Minna no Puyo Puyo
GC Auto Modellista US Tuned
PS1 Naniwa Wangan Battle
PS2 Lost Memories, Mosquito 2, Pop 'n Music 8, Silent Hill 3, Super Robot Wars Impact Best
TOYS Berserk Kubrick Figures, Cyber Drive Zoids - Cyclops and Diablo Tiger, Dragonball Z miniature figures, Evangelion EVA-01 GX-14, Final Fantasy X-2 Keychains, GI Joe Kubrick Figures, Guilty Gear X Capsule Toys, Macross Valkyrie VF-11B Fastpack, Sakura Taisen 2 capsule toys, SNK Girls capsule toys, Shrek Kubricks, Terminator 2 Candy Toys, Transformers Collection 8 and 9
Summary A whole mess of toys arrive this week and we close it out with Silent Hill 3. Its another good week with the Fourth of July capping it...
06.23.03 DC Blue Sky Blue Reg and LE, Episode of the Clovers Reg and LE, Majyo no Ochakai Reg and LE 
GC Dobutsu no Mori+, Enjoy Plus Pack, Viewtiful Joe
PS1 Neo Atlas Superlite 1500, Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de Banai Yuugi Reg and LE, Hikaru no Go Best, One Piece Tobidase Kaizokudan Best, Rockman 5, Rockman 6
PS2 Earth Defense Force, Dugout '03, Hanabi Shokunin Ninarou 2, Hanjuku Hero VS 3D, Hanjuku Hero VS 3D, Initial D Special Stage, Run=Dim, Sangokushi Senki 2, The Tank, Triangle Again, Viorate no Atelier Regular and LE,
XBX C.A.T.: Cyber Attack Team, Dino Crisis 3, Dino Crisis 3 LE
Summary All of last week's imports arrive albeit delayed. KOF 2002 serves as a waking call to DC owners around the world and we witness the surge of orders once the game arrives. Mother 1+2 follows KOF 2002 as our top mover for the week.
06.16.03 DC King of Fighters 2002
GBA Metal Max 2 Kai, Mother 1+2, Monster Gate: Dai Inaru Dungeon, Powerful Battery Kit, Solar Charger SP
PS1 Gotouchi Hello Kitty Sugoroku Story
PS2 Apprentice Magician, Internal HDD, Metal Slug 3, Nobunaga Online, Playstation 2 Midnight Blue Console
Summary All of last week's imports arrive albeit delayed. KOF 2002 serves as a waking call to DC owners around the world and we witness the surge of orders once the game arrives. Mother 1+2 follows KOF 2002 as our top mover for the week.
06.09.03 GBA Monster Gate, Powerful Battery Kit
PS2 Apprentice Magician, External HDD, Nobunaga Online, Playstation 2 Midnight Blue Console
TOYS Dragon Quest Monsters Mega Plush v2.0
Summary Due to shipment delays caused by an inspection of import stock, most of this week's expected products are now slated to arrive early next week.
06.02.03 DC Cafe Little Wish
GBA Hori Headphone, Pokemon Hard Cover Advance SP
PS2 Fire Pro Wrestling Z Regular and Limited Edition, Winning Post 5 Maximum 2003
TOYS Chocobo + Elven Rider Statue, Devil May Cry figures, Final Fantasy Creatures 3, FFX-2 Action Figures, Asuka Summer Casual Figure, Valkyrie VF-1A 1/48 Max version, Evangelion Wedding Figures, Final Fantasy Creatures Fan Book, Love Hina Story Image Figure, Love Hina Wagon Figure
Summary Toys fill up our inventory early in the week but we close it out with the mighty Fire Pro Wrestling Z for PS2. 
05.26.03 DC Princess Holiday Regular and LE
GBA Shock Holder Advance Silver Variant Color, Pro Action Replay
GC Famista 2003, Pokemon Box Regular and Cable Version
NEO Shin Power Instinct 
PS Rockman 3, Rockman 4
PS2 The Basketball 3 on 3, The Bushido, Cafe Little Wish Regular and Limited Edition, Saikyo Todai Shogi 2003, Saishuu Heiki Kanojo Regular and Limited Edition, Virtual On Marz
Summary A holiday shortened week can't stop the momentum as sales pick up due to an influx of new items. NCS also starts preorders for a Gamecube Biohazard Collector's Box which rounds up all of the GC Biohazard games in a big bundle.
05.19.03 GBA Hamster Story Collection
GC Rune II
PS Captain Tsubasa, Soukyugurentai Arcade Hits
PS2 Hissatsu Pachinko Station V7, Love Hina Gorgeous, Phantom of Inferno Regular and Limited Edition, SCPH-50000 Consoles
TRC DQ Caravan Trading Cards 
Summary NCS opens up preorders for the Midnight Blue PS2, PS2 BB Unit Preorder, Xbox Dino Crisis 3 Bundle, and Summon Night 3, Mother 1+2, RahXephon, Sunrise Eiyuutan 3 for PS2. NCS opens up preorders for the Transformers Soundwave toy.
05.12.03 DVD Die Another Day Widescreen Version
PS2 Chobits, Generation of Chaos 3 Regular Edition
Summary NCS opens up a gang of preorders and continues the transition between old shop and new shop.
05.05.03 CD Matrimelee Soundtrack
DC Interlude Regular Edition
GBA Castlevania GNE, Zero One
PS2 Generation of Chaos 3 Limited Edition
WSC Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou Special
TOYS Dragon Quest Monsters Miniature Plush, DQM Slime Plush, Evangelion: Asuka Strikes! Figures, Evangelion: Rei Ayanami Seaside Version, Final Fantasy X-2 Zippo Lighter, Hello Kitty Hawaiian Wedding, Lupin the Third Diecast, Samurai Shodown Nakoruru Figure, Transformers Collection 0
Summary More toy coverage and a few new imports to whittle away the time..
04.28.03 DVD Ikaruga Appreciate DVD
GBA Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, Pokemon Gameboy Advance SP - Torchic Edition, Naruto Saikyo Ninja, Rockman Zero 2, RPG Tsukuuru Advance
PS1 Rockman 1 
PS2 Konohana 2, Marl de Jigsaw, Moonlight Tale, Tenchu 3 JPN, World Rally Championship 2,
TOYS Final Fantasy X-2 Candy Toys, Clocks and Collection Boxes, Evangelion Movie Figure, Macross Plus YF-21
Summary Our focus is on toys as the week ends with a number of new Final Fantasy products.
04.21.03 GBA Azumanga Daiou, Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken, Hunter X Hunter MTD, Mahou no Pumpkin, Shock Guard Advance, Summon Night
GC Giftpia
PC Final Fantasy XI Girade no Genei
PS1 Block Kuzushi, Carnage Heart, Rockman 2, Samurai Spirits 3, Samurai Spirits 4 
PS2 Conveni 3, DDR Max 2, Densha de Go! Ryojo-hen with Controller - Best Collection, Dokodemo Issyo Warashinaehon, G-Taste Mahjong Limited Edition, Gekido! Merio King, Green Green Sound of the Ring Romantic & Dynamic Limited Editions, Green Green Sound of the Ring Dynamic Regular, Green Green Sound of the Ring Romantic Regular, Motion Gravure Series - Kitatomomi, Megumi, Morihiroki, Neomotoharumi, My Merry Maybe, Only You 2, Saikyou! Shiro Biking Security Police, Tenchu 3, Yumeria
Summary Every year before the Golden Week holiday in Japan, a massive amount of games are released since Japanese citizens will have a lot of time to spend with their consoles. We bear the brunt of the imports towards the middle of the week. Because of the holiday, NCS expects only sparse shipments next week but trading will return to normal in the second week of May.
04.14.03 GBA Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Hearts, Zoids Saga 2
PS2 Final Fantasy XI Girade no Genei, Galaxy Angel
TOYS Final Fantasy Straps, Final Fantasy Plushes, Tidus Clothing, Yuna Wedding Coldcast
Summary Another mass of preorders are posted this week for products shipping in June and July. We also receive a number of Final Fantasy products. Most desirable is the Yuna wedding coldcast and a photo gallery is posted showing Yuna in different angles. Less desirable was the Tidus clothing which we'll donate to the Salvation Army in a few years if they don't sell.
04.07.03 GC Naruto
PS1 Farland Saga, Farland Story
PS2 Hack Vol. 4, Canvas, DoDonPachi Daioujou, Kanaria 
XBX  The Wild Rings 
Summary A large number of preorders were opened up this week for products shipping in June and July. Notable were GC F-Zero, PS2 Silent Hill 3 and a number of toys including a new Yamato Macross Valkyrie and Shrek Kubrick figures.
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