First Quarter 2005 Archive [Beginning of January to the end of March]
03.28.05 NDS Egg Monster Heroes, Nobiru Touch Pen DS, Yakuman DS
  PS2 Beck The Game, Memories Off After Rain Vol. 3 [Regular and Special Pack], Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol. 3 [Featuring Sol Divide & Dragon Blaze], Real Arcade Pro Joystick [Special Addition & Special Edition], Tekken 5 [Japanese version, Hori 8M Memory Card, Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick]
  PSP Harukanaru Toki no Naka De: Iroe Tebako, Shinken Makai: Gen. of Chaos 4 ~ Another Side
Summary Punxsutawney Phil saw its shadow on February 2 and foreshadowed six more weeks of winter. The rodent is right on the money once again this year as New England remains in the grip of freezing rain and temperatures in the low to mid 30s even though the official start of Spring was last weekend. Lesson: Never doubt or question the groundhog. 
03.21.05 GC Gold Gashbell! Friendship Tag Battle 2
  NDS Egg Monster Heroes, Kamen Genei Satsujin Jiken, Nintendo DS Color Variant [Graphite-Black and Pure-White Versions], Nobiru Touch Pen DS. Space Invaders DS, Touch! Kirby Magic Pen w/ bonus stylus
  PS2 Beatmania IIDX 9th Style, Beatmania IIDX 9th Style Complete Edition, Get Ride! AMDrive: Soukoku no Sana, Gold Gashbell Friendship Tag Battle 2, Phantasy Star Generation 2: SA2500, Saturn Pad, Shining Force Neo, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Transformers Tataki (The Best), Virtua Stick, Wild Arms: The Fourth Detonator, Winning Eleven 8: Liveware Evolution, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Limited Edition
Summary As the first quarter comes to a close, a massive show of releases are shipped by publishers to make their end of quarter numbers. The release roster for next week is equally full with no less than 30 new imports expected. Beatmania IIDX 9th Style leads preorders followed by NDS Touch! Kirby and PS2 Shining Force Neo.
03.14.05 GC Donkey Konga 3, One Piece Grand Battle
  NDS Farm Story Korobokkle Station
  PS2 Enthusia Professional Racing, Gantz, Nana, One Piece Grand Battle! Rush, Phantom Kingdom, Phantom Kingdom Limited Edition, Taiko Drum Master, Rumble Fish
Summary Rumble Fish and Gantz lead preorders for the week but both versions of One Piece Gran Battle Rush are pre-selling well. With the delay of the USA version of Enthusia Professional Wrestling to May 3, we see a pickup in preorders over the weekend.
03.07.05 GBA Sennen Kazoku (Thousand Years Family)
  NDS Meteos, Pac-Pix
  PS2 Growlanser IV Return, Rockman X8, Ys VI Ark of Napishtim
Summary NCS opens up preorders for a Nintendogs keychain/cellphone strap which ships in the summer. We should start preorders for the actual Nintendogs game for the NDS in the next few days. The USA version of Nintendogs will be known as Puppy Times. We receive many offers for Japanese toys every week and we post up a few "Unwanted Toys" which we have no plans on stocking.
02.28.05 ETC Nintendo Bath Towel
GC Bokujou Monogatari: Shiawase no Shi
MAG Famitsu Wave - April 2005
  PS1 Dragon Quest IV - PSone Books, Star Ocean Second Story - PSone Books 
  PS2 Angel Wish 2 Special Pack, Armored Core: Formula Front, Popolocrois Story Hajime no Bouken - The Best , Tekken 5 (Asian) 
  PSP Hori LCD Screen Filter, Tales of Eternia
TOYS Nintendo Dot Graphics Magnet 2, Sega Gals Gashapon 2, Transformers Binaltech BT-11 
Summary A Japanese manufacturer, Pawapaso, opens up preorders for a silicone case for the PSP which is meant to be a permanent protective shell and we open up preorders for a number of toys such as a Gamera Encyclopedia candy toy, a 50th Anniversary Godzilla candy toy, and Star Wars Kubricks series 4. Nintendo also announces four new color variants for the Nintendo DS which ship in March and April.
02.21.05 GBA Rockman EXE5 Team of Colonel 
GC Chaos Field, Starfox Assault 
NDS Another Code: 2tsu no Kioku 
PS2 Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers [3 versions], Naruto Narutimett Hero - The Best, Sakura Taisen 3 Remake, Shin Sangoku Musou 4 [Regular, Treasure Box], Tsuikyo no Saraba
PSP Namco Museum, Need for Speed Underground Rivals
XBX Metal Slug 4 Collector's Edition   
Summary Preorders for new Naruto plushes shipping in the summer are opened up along with a reproduction of the Kasumi PVC figure from Max Factory. New USA titles this week include the long-awaited PS2 Gran Turismo 4, Kessen III, and Street Fighter Anniversary for the Xbox.
02.14.05 PS2 D1 Grand Prix Professional Drift, Devil May Cry 3, Neo Geo Stick 2, The Ninhaza SP2000 Vol 72, Rumble Roses, Shinseiki Yuusha Taisen, Swords of Destiny, Zoids Infinity Fuzors 
PSP Aero Case, Mobile Train Simulator + Densha de Go!
Summary Sega spreads Saturn love with a production of the Saturn Pad and Virtua Stick for the PS2 this March. NCS starts preorders for a number of April releases including Romancing Saga Minstrel Song and Demento. On the toy front, preorders are opened up for a new bunch of FFXI plush toys.
02.07.05 PS2 Dragonball Z 3, Shin Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu 
PSP Popolocrois Story Prince Pietro's Adventure
Summary Preorders for a number of April 2005 imports are opened up - Trizeal should prove interesting - and a new Cool Girl Motoko Kusanagi figure. Preorders for a new set of FFVII Play Arts figures are also opened up along with Pikmin 2 candy toys and a set of G-Taste candy toy figures.
01.31.05 GBA Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 
PS2 Aim for the Top! Gunbuster, Another Century's Episode 2
TOYS Bio-Fighter Collection Max - Murakami, Clamp no Kiseki Vol 4 and Vol 5
Summary NCS opens up preorders for a Neo Geo joystick which ships in February along with preorders for a new variant of the MGS3 Snake Camouflage figure from Medicom. On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil sees its shadow and presages another 6 weeks of winter.
01.24.05 NDS Catch! Touch! Yoshi! 
GC Biohazard 4
PS Virtua Stick 
PS2 Death by Degrees, Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2, Memories Off After Rain Vol 1 [Regular and Special Pack], Nano Breaker, Project Altered Beast, Radiata Stories, Space Battleship Yamato 2, Spectral Souls II [Regular and Limited Edition] 
PSP Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory, Soukyu no Fafner 
TOYS Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Miniature Figures, One Piece Interactive Battle Game, Transformers Collection 17
XBX Outrun 2 + Bonus CD
Summary NCS updates new preorders for March 2005 as temperatures continue their freezing ways as we head towards the end of January. It's a busy week for imports with Death by Degrees, Project Altered Beast, and Radiata Stories selling out quickly but we suspect the bonus Nina booklet contributed to the sales for Death by Degrees.
01.17.05 PS2 Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel 2, Fuun Bakumatsuden, Magic Teacher Negima - Honor and Scholarship Edition, Monster Hunter G [All Japan]
Summary More new preorders are started for games such as Azumi, Gigawing Generations, Growlanser IV Return, Phantom Kingdom, and Ys III Wanderers from Ys. The weather in New York takes a turn for the worse as temperature plummet below freezing and we fear for the safety of our inbound and outbound shipments; sinister thoughts of frozen consoles and CDs.
01.10.05 GBA Mario Party Advance [JPN]
  GC Resident Evil 4 [USA], Resident Evil 4 + Biohazard Umbrella [USA]
  PS2 Suikoden 4 [USA], Yoshitsune Eiyuuden [JPN]
Summary NCS starts preorders for a number of notable products such as the third Portrait of Pirates (One Piece) figures and PS2 Ys The Ark of Napishtim (Regular and Limited Edition) which ships in February. In the later part of the week, temperatures reach 60 degrees while news reports of snow in California lead us to believe that weather patterns are in dire flux.
01.03.05 PS2 Buzz Rod Fishing Fantasy, Cherry Blossom, Digimon World X, Makai Tensei SP2000 Ultimate Vol. 24, To Heart 2 Deluxe Pack
  GBA Tales of the World: Nakiriki Dungeon 3 with bonus 2005 calendar 
Summary The start to 2005 kicks off with a trickle of imports as Japanese suppliers enjoy an extended New Year's holiday well into the end of the week. Sony PSP supplies are still hit and miss but improve enough to allow a price drop to US$429 for the Value Pack bundle. Further price drops are expected in the next few weeks as supplies become available.
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