Second Quarter 2004 Archive [Beginning of April to the end of June]
06.28.04 PS2 Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon, Camera Kozo, Dual Shock Fighting Stick 2, Piposaru Gacha Mecha Stadium: Saru Battle, Sanma Nisai Deus Machina: Demon Bane - Regular and Limited Edition, Tetsujin 28go
GC Donkey Konga 2 - Regular Edition and Bundle Pack
ETC FFXI Vana'diel Clock
Summary A busy week that sees the release of the immensely popular Donkey Konga 2 which features 32 songs for players to pound bongos to. Tetsujin 28go is a surprise seller which does very well this week despite a lack of preorders in the months before debut. NCS opens up preorders for a new Guilty Gear Isuka joystick which ships a little earlier than the game and a new Gamecube Enjoy Plus Pack which includes a clear joypad.
06.21.04 DC Utau! Tumbling Dice - Regular and Limited Edition
GBA Super Chinese Fighter 1+2
PS2 Catfight SP2000, DearS - Regular and Limited, Let's Make a Pro J-League Soccer Team 2004, Shinkon Gattai Godannar, Vampire Panic, Xenosaga Episode 2 
PC Trio Linker
XBX Metal Slug 3
Summary NCS opens up preorders for Transformers Collection 16 which features three Insecticons and we take delivery of EMS' Trio Linker which allows DC, GC, and PS2 controllers to be used on a PC. Preorders are also opened up for a number of magazines which will feature special items such as the final issue of Mahoromatic which includes a crystal with LCD lit stand.
06.14.04 GBA Sonic Advance 3
PS2 Espgaluda, Gunslinger Girl Vol. 2, Silent Hill 4 - Regular and Limited Edition
TOYS AC Nexus One Coin, Evangelion 2, Full Metal Alchemist Metal Plate Keychain, Macross VF-1J 1/48 Scale Max and Milia, Maximo Trading Figures, Nintendo Strap, Prince of Tennis plushes, Sayaka Takai Prepaint, Tron ni Kobun Figure Set,
Summary Espgaluda for the PS2 represents one of our best selling games in a long while as shmup fans come out to witness a great arcade to home conversion. Silent Hill 4 also sells very well thanks to the long-running, widespread fascination with the series. A large assortment of toys arrive this week and we work diligently to peddle them.
06.07.04 GBA Mario vs Donkey Kong
PS2 Animation Battle Recca no Honou, Sakurazaka Shouboutai
Summary Biding our time, really, as the summer begins and lazy days sink in. Next week will be a bit exciting however as Espgaluda ships to market and we handle mammoth preorders for the latest shooter from Arika. There's a week-long memorial for late president Ronald Reagan in the USA which is capped by a funeral on Friday. Other than that, things are good as we post up another bunch of Scrap Heap items, MOTDs, and general restock.
05.31.04 PS2 Football Kingdom, Nobunaga Senki, Puyo Puyo Tsu Perfect Collection
Summary The flow of releases slow to a they normally do after Memorial Day. It's like a global conspiracy of sorts where business across the world slips a notch as summer vacation beckons and many Japanese and Americans start planning for holiday.
05.24.04 GBA Famicom Mini v2.0 cartridges (Vol. 11-20), Jajamaru Ninja Kun Junior, Metroid Zero Mission
GC Wario World
PS2 Densha de Go! Final, Iris no Atelier Regular and Limited Edition, Jisen Pachisuro Hokuto no Ken Regular and Limited Edition, Lost Aya Sophia Regular and Limited Edition, Outrun - Sega Ages 2500, Panzer Front Ausf. B, Princess Holiday, Super Robot Wars MX, Super Robot Wars Special Edition Controller, Vib Ripple, World Rally Championship 3, Yoshinoya
Summary A busy week which kicks off with a flood of Famicom Mini v2.0 cartridges which revisits the days of the Famicom. We import Super Robot Wars MX early and include the bonus Giga Disc with about 60% of our early preorders.
05.17.04 PS2 Curry House Coco Ichibanya, The Daibijin, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Ultraman
Summary NCS opens up preorders for the limited edition of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike which bundles together a bunch of bonuses with the game. New Famicom products are also opened up for preorder along with a number of new PS2 imports shipping in August 2004.
05.10.04 PS2 Beatmania IIDX 7th Style
GBA Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed
TOYS Final Fantasy Trading Arts Figures, Macross Figure Collection Part 2, Naruto Headband, One Piece Portrait of Pirates Figures, Rockman CanBadge and Wristbands
Summary A bunch of toys arrive and we sell out of some popular ones quickly - Final Fantasy Trading Arts and the Naruto headband. We expect restock of the FFTA figure by early June but we receive another supply of the Naruto headband by the time the week ends. News from E3 was fairly interesting with a bunch of software announced and the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS expected later this year.
05.03.04 PS2 Online Pro Wrestling, Princess Maker Refine
XBX Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Summary A few new preorders are opened up for Japanese imports shipping in July and we discount two Neo Geo AES carts by about 50% each. Weekly sales continue in general along with new imports that arrive as the week comes to a close. We also check out a third-party racing cockpit which ships in June. It's the Golden Week holiday in Japan so news and releases are very slow.
04.26.04 DC Cherry Blossom Regular and Limited Edition
GBA Koutetsu Teikoku, Naruto Daikesshu 2
GC Pikmin 2 
PS2 Chou Saisoku! Zokusha King B.U., Getbackers Dakkanya Ura Shinjuku Saikyo Battle, Kaiketsu Zorori Itazura King, Karaoke Revolution: Kids Song Selection, Orange Pocket, Taisen Hot Gimmick Cosplay Mahjong, Waku Waku Volleyball 2: Superlite 2000 Series, Xenosaga Freaks
Summary Bandai opens up preorders for an Evangelion G-Shock watch which promptly sell out on the first day. We've got our preorders in... We also open up preorders for Samurai Spirits Zero Special which ships on July 15 and marks the last Neo Geo AES game...supposedly.
04.19.04 GBA Card Captor Sakura and Friends, Mario Golf Tour Advance, Pia Carrot he Yokoso 3.3, Rockman Zero 3, Siren Monsters Netsal Battle Soccer, Universal Stellvia
PS2 Crimson Tears, Derby Stallion 2004, Generation of Chaos 4 Regular and Limited Edition, Kinnikuman Generations, Tantei Saburo Kind of Blue, World Champion Dodge Baller
XBX Dennou Taisei DroneZ, Puyo Puyo Fever 
Summary Dragon Quest V figures and Alien soap dispensers are open for preorder early in the week but the news is fairly uneventful otherwise. There's a bunch of new imports and we forge ahead with even more sales of the day and old magazine sales.
04.12.04 GBA Hoshi no Kirby: Kagami no Daimeikyu 
PS2 Bomberman Kart DX, Crimson Sea 2, Kaena, Koufuku Sousakan
TOYS Binaltech BT-03 and BT04, Evangelion China Dress figures, Final Fantasy Creatures Vol. 4, World's Smallest Transformers AS2 
XBX Shikigami no Shiro 2
Summary The weather perks up a bit and a number of imports make our market for the week. There's a large volume of toys that we ship this week with the concentration in the new Final Fantasy Creatures 4 set and the third and fourth Binaltechs. We're doing very well with our MOTD and SOTD features and we'll continue to post them for the foreseeable future as we proceed with clearing out warehouse space. We're hoping to move out of an old warehouse by September of this year. 
04.05.04 GBA Akachan Dobutsuen, Pukupuku Tennen Kairanban Koi no Cupid Daisakusen 
PS2 The Gassen Sekigahara SP2000, Gunslinger Girl Vol. 1, Kokoro no Tobira Regular and Limited Edition, Minna no Golf Online BB Pack, Net de Bomberman BB Pack, Shaman King Funbari Spirits, The Taxi SP2000, wordimagesoundplay
Summary There's a spike of imports this week with the leader being tomato's wordimagesoundplay causing a large buzz. We also forge ahead with another batch of magazines for our MOTD feature and also locate a good number of used/new products for our SOTD feature. 
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