First Quarter 2004 Archive [Beginning of January to the end of March]
03.29.04 GBA DBZ Bukuu Tougeki 
GC Puyo Puyo Fever 
HW Cyber System AV Selector Pro
PS2 Dokodemo Issyo: Toro to Nagare Boshi, Kuon 
Summary We're entering the slower part of the year as the first quarter comes to an end and the spring holidays take hold so we kick off two daily additions to our website: The Sale of the Day and Magazine of the Day. In these two features, we cull items of interest from the past and post them up for sale. We start the MOTD with an issue of Gamest and the SOTD starts with waterlogged Perfect Grade EVA models from Bandai. We're also moving warehouses so it's like knocking out many birds with one swoop.
03.22.04 DC Shikigami no Shiro 2, Tenohira wo Taiyouni 
GBA Bobobo 9 Kyoku Sensi Gyagu 
PS2 Afterburner II, Dragon Quest V Remake, Hokuto no Ken, King of Fighters 2002, Mahjong Party, Netsu Chu! Pro Baseball 2004, Pro Yakyu Spirits 2004, Raimuiro Senkitan Jun Regular and Limited, Saiyuki Reload,  Sakura Taisen Mysterious Paris Limited Edition, Steady X Study Regular and Limited, Sukisyo Episode 1 & 2, Taiko no Tatsujin Special Pack, Tatacon Pachy, War of the Monsters
Summary The hits keep coming as publishers end March with a bang. Shikigami no Shiro 2 for the Dreamcast leads sales for the week followed by the new Sakura Taisen Mysterious Paris game and Dragon Quest V on Playstation. Despite being an orphan, our Dreamcast sales still lord over all other console platforms. The Tamagotchi Plus is released in Japan but not to general distribution and we're stuck waiting for distributors to get their stock.
03.15.04 GBA New Pokemon GBA SPs, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Live Start, One Piece Going Baseball, Prince of Tennis 2004 Glorious Gold/Stylish Silver, Taiketsu! Ultra Hero, Yugioh Sugoroku no Sugoroku, Zettai Zetsumei: Denja Rasuji-San - Naki no Ikkai 
GC Kidou Senshi Gundam, Zelda 4tsu Ken 
NEO King of Fighters 2003 
PS2 Armored Core: Nexus, Astro Boy, Cross Channel Regular and Limited, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Inuyasha Juso no Kamen, Izayoi Renka Kamifurusato, Katamari Damacy, Love and Tears and Memory, Popolocrois: The Law of the Moon, Remember 11: The Age of Infinity Regular and Limited Edition, Shin Sangoku Musou 3 Empires, Sakura Taisen Monogatari Mysterious Paris, Sakura Taisen 8M Memory Card
TOYS Alien Candy Toys Series 2, Evangelion bedsheets, Mizuki Takase Swimsuit Figure v2.0
Summary A busy, busy week where a lot of imports arrive. KOF 2003 for Neo Geo arrives earlier than expected on Tuesday and we follow up with a sizable amount of new releases on Wednesday. We get snow during the middle of the week and we're beginning to think that spring might never arrive even though it's scheduled for Saturday.
03.08.04 DC Castle Fantasia Seima Taisen, Dousoukai Again and Refrain 
GBA Fire Red GBA SP, Leaf Green GBA SP, Taiketsu! Ultra Hero
GC Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Momotaro Densetsu XI - Best
PS2 Angel's Feather - Regular and Limited, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Momotaro Densetsu - Best, Monster Hunter, Oshiete! Popotan
XBX Ninja Gaiden [JPN]
Summary Our webservers are moved from an office in midtown Manhattan this week which causes a few hiccups as the various sites we have are updated with new DNS, IPs and all that other good stuff. With the move of the servers to a telco hotel, we should have stable connections and more reliable uptime from this point forth. The bandwidth is also much cheaper than what we were paying before for our sites.
03.01.04 GBA Double Dragon Advance, Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 
PS2 Diet Channel, Gungrave OD, Pro Action Replay + 32M Memory Card, Pop 'n Taisen Pazurudama, Sakigaki!! Kuromati Koukou, Zero Shinkikan Josentoki
XBX Ninja Gaiden [USA]
Summary NCS starts preorders for some new Japanese toys including a nifty Capcom All Stars R gashapon set, some Falcom products shipping in the summer and a new pair of Pokemon GBA SP units. Namco announces a new Taiko no Tatsujin compilation for the PS2 and Kotobuki starts preorders for preassembled Welcome to Pia Carrot figures.
02.23.04 DC Psyvariar 2, Puyo Puyo Fever
PS2 Firefighter F.D. 18, Flight Stick v2.0, Gain Ground - Sega Ages 2500, Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers, Initial D Special Stage - Best Version, Kaido Battle 2, Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix 2, Love Aerobics, Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Regular and Limited Edition, Onimusha 3,Onimusha 3 Memory Card, Snow First Limited Edition, Taisen! Bakudan Poy Poy, Tentama 2 Wins Regular and Limited Edition, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2, Virtua Racing - Sega Ages 2500
XBX Pure White Xbox Console
Summary A partial shipment of Onimusha 3 arrives early but our early streak is ruined when UPS abandons shipments for no reason other than to give us pause to their level of service and efficacy. All's well when Friday rolls around and everything arrives. NCS opens up preorders for a number of new imports such as Bomberman Kart DX and a new production of the Super Robot Wars Controller.
02.16.04 GBA Famicom GBA SP, Lilliput Kingdom
PS2 Cool Girl Regular and Limited Edition, Final Fantasy X-2 International, Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Controller, Gunbird 1&2, Onimusha 3 Soul Controller, SD Gundam G Generation Seed, Sengoku Musou - Chinese, Sengoku vs Gendai SP2000, Shadow Hearts Regular and Limited Edition, Winning Eleven 7 International
Summary An early arrival of the Onimusha Soul Controller joins a flood of other imports on Thursday and we ship all preorders and new orders with expeditious urgency. The much vaunted Famicom GBA SP arrives early in the week but the Famicom Mini games are delayed due to shortages in Japan. NCS posts news on new Full Metal Alchemist toy figures and another Evangelion figure set. 
02.09.04 PS2 Kuusen II, Prince of Tennis: Love of Prince Bitter/Sweet, Sengoku Musou - Regular and Treasure Box, Tantei Saburo Jinguji, Wireless Keyboard, Zooo
Summary Cave and Arika announce Espgaluda for May 13 and we open up preorders for the next big shooter on PS2. Preorders are also opened up for a pair of Evangelion bedsheets, a set of One Piece action figures and a good number of software imports that are shipping in April and May.
02.02.04 GBA Yugioh Duel Monsters 3 RE and LE  
PS2 Dragonball Z 2, Puyo Puyo Fever
TOY Evangelion Renewal Figure, One Piece Miniature Plushes
Summary NCS opens up preorders for a bunch of toys including a new trio of Final Fantasy XI plushes which feature Mog, Carbuncle and Mandragora. We also post up a photo gallery of some Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball capsule toys that have been restocked again. Staten Island Chuck, the groundhog, didn't see his shadow so it looks like spring is on the way. Punxsutawney Phil however did see his shadow... but we're putting our money on Chuck.
01.26.04 DC Izumo, Wind Repackage Version
GBA Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green
PS1 Favorite Dear
PS2 Bakusou Convoy Densetsu, Exciting Pro Wrestling 5, Memory Card Variants, Rhapsody of Zephyr, Shikigami no Shiro 2 - Regular and Limited Edition, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Maniacs, Victorious Boxers 2
TOYS Sonic v2.0 Plushes, Capcom SNK Sammy Figures
Summary We check out some cosplay gear shipping in the next few months where Appleseed and Naruto fantasies may be played out by willing participants. Naruto Gekitou Ninja 2 is restocked again after a month or so of sold-out status and the cold weather continues to beat down on weary New Yorkers...
01.19.04 GBA Gyakuten Saiban 3
GC Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir Roses
PS2 Fuun Shinsengumi - Regular and Limited Edition, Nebula Echo Night, Phantom Brave - Regular and Limited Edition, Star Ocean 3 Director's Cut, Uchuu no Stellvia
Summary Business ramps up this week as a good amount of imports arrive this week. The best seller is Phantom Brave, hands down, as Idea Factory's new strategy-battle game is very well received. NCS opens up preorders for a limited edition Famicom GBA SP unit and ten Famicom game re-releases for the GBA and two special Xbox consoles. There's a pure-white Xbox console and a Kasumi Blue version which ship in February and March respectively.
01.12.04 GC Amazing Island
PS2 Anubis Special Edition, Bonanza Bros
Summary Preorders for a number of toys are opened up including a Woody Woodpecker plush collection, Transoformers Binaltech 5, and the second Macross Figure Collection set. Hori also announces a new offer for the Tiny Bee controller which was originally released with FFX a while ago. We're still under a deep freeze in New York and it looks to stay frigid until the end of the month.
01.05.04 PS2 Seven Samurai 20XX
Summary Things start slowly in the first full week of 2004 with a mere PS2 import. Things aren't much brisker next week with only 2 new imports on the way. The temperatures take a dive and we're weathering frigid air, scattered snow and other wintry travails. Wonder how those squirrels and little birds make it through the winter...
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