Fourth Quarter 2004 Archive [Beginning of October to the end of December]
12.27.04 DVD Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned: Another Beat-Tribe Cup
NDS Prince of Tennis: Crystal Drive, Puyo Puyo Fever
MAG Famitsu Wave DVD - February 2005
PS2 Karaoke Revolution Red/Blue/Green Packs, King of Fighters '94 Rebout - Regular and Limited Edition, Gran Turismo 4, Hajime no Ippo All*Stars, Nike/Gran Turismo 4 Special Edition, Samurai Western (Michi 3), To Heart 2 LE  
PSP Piposaru Academy, Shin Sangoku Musou
TOYS Metal Gear Solid 2 Series 2 figures, Namco Game Sound Museum, Nintendo Game & Watch Vignette Dioramas, Pinky Monkey Keychains
Summary Gran Turismo 4 leads preorders for the week and aficionados finally get to play one of the most anticipated racing games on any console. The graphics are excellent and of high-gloss and we find ourselves playing the game excessively... when work should be the priority. 
12.20.04 GBA Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
GC Biohazard Special Pack
PS2 Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street, Premium 2004! Fighting Dynamite!!, Kessen III, Kessen III Treasure Box, Legions Gekitou! Saga Battle, Metal Gear Solid 3 Premium Pack, Typing of the Dead Zombie Panic
PSP Legend of Heroes Gagharv Trilogy, Puyo Puyo Fever, Puzzle Bobble Pocket
Summary Prices for the Sony PSP remain stable in Japan and we ship another batch of confirmed orders on Wednesday. We'll continue to keep customers updated on the prices of the units but the holiday this week helps suppliers keep a stranglehold on any price movements.
12.13.04 GBA Rockman EXE5: Team of Blues, Zoids Saga Fuzors 
GC Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Super Robot Wars GC 
PS2 Godzilla Monster Fighter, Metal Gear Solid 3, Tales of Rebirth
PSP Sony PSP units, Lumines, Metal Gear Acid, Minna no Golf, Ridge Racer, Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
Summary The Sony PSP launches in Japan and prices are dear. The first shipment of units move quickly and we import our batch on Wednesday of the week and fill all orders for customers willing to pay the price. NCS also starts a contact list for customers so that we can keep everyone updated on price changes as the weeks go by.
12.06.04 GBA Inyou Taisenki Zeroshiki, Yoshi no Banyuu Inryoku
GC Viewtiful Joe 2 USA + Joe-Joe Clock
PS2 Capcom Fighting Jam, European Club Soccer: Winning Eleven Tactics, Kamen Rider Blade, Kidou Senshi Gundam vs Z-Gundam, Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final, Taiko no Tatsujin Go! Go! Godaime
TOYS Binaltech BT-10 Grimlock featuring Ford Mustang GT 
Summary Suppliers in Japan begin rumblings of PSP rumors and they're not pretty. Dead-pixel problems, shortages, and a high price all conspire to make Sony's first ever portable gaming system inauspicious but we wait for the reality of the situation since rumors tend to be overblown.
11.29.04 GBA Cinnamon Yume no Daibouken, Gameboy Wars Advance 1+2, Riviera
DVD Famistu Wave DVD Jannuary 2005, KISEKI from BeForU
NDS Japanese units, nine launch games in stock 
PS2 Card Captor Sakura, D>A White [Regular + Limited], Dragon Quest VIII, Lupin the Third: Columbus no Isan wa Akenisomar, Mr Incredible, Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol. 2, Tecmo Hit Parade, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, Zoids Struggle 
Summary The Japanese version of the Nintendo DS finally launches and we quickly sell out of our initial allocation. Many of the games released in Japan are already available in the USA but they sell well anyway. The best selling NDS game is Sawaru! Made in Wario which features another engrossing collection of quick mini-games.
11.22.04 GBA Dragonball Advance Adventure, Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny 
  PS2 Beatmania IIDX 8th Style [Regular and Limited Edition], Dragon Quest VIII, Pop 'n Music 10 Limited Edition
Summary In the three days that DQVIII was released in Japan from Nov 27 to 30, total sales sat at 3 million units. With one stroke, Square Enix vaults to the top position in sales of a single game in Japan and possibly the world. We're enjoying the benefits of the sales momentum in the game and we stock the Asian version on Wednesday and the Japanese version on Monday, November 29.
11.15.04 GBA Metal Slug Advance
  GC Mario Party 6, Naruto Gekitou Ninja 3 
PS2 Beatmania IIDX 8th Style [Regular and Limited Edition], DDR Festival [Regular and Controller Bundle], Detective Conan: Daeie Teikoku no Isan, Magna Carta, King of Fighters 2000 SNK Best, Metal Slug 3 SNK Best, PC Genjin, Pop 'n Music 10 [Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and Controller Bundle], Takahashi Meijin Adventure Island
Summary Naruto Gekitou Ninja 3 for the Gamecube arrives and we ship all preorders on Thursday. The game includes a wristband marked with the Naruto swirl and we give it away with orders. Three new Bemani games also join our library and sales are consistent and strong as the rhythm games get a little long in the tooth. An updated import schedule is posted up towards the end of the week and the complete schedule for November to February 2005 has also been appended.
11.08.04 DC King of Fighters 2002 DreKore
  GBA Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
PS2 Bokujou Monogatari Oh! Wonderful Life, Brain Power Puzzles, Giant Robo, Kenka Joutou! Yankee Banchou, Love Songs Adv: Futaba Riho 19 Sai, Neo Contra, Pride of the Dragon Peace, Samurai Michi 2, Standard Daisenryaku
TOYS Dead or Alive One Coin Figures, Transformers Binaltech BT-06 Blue Tracks, Binaltech BT-09 
Summary NCS starts preorders for a special limited edition Nike/Gran Turismo 4 bundle which includes an aluminum carrying case, a pair of exclusive Nike Shox GT sneakers, and a t-shirt. With a production run of only 1000 units, we expect to be able to stock at least 1 of them but we're aiming for 10-20 if we're quick enough on the preorder queue next week.
11.01.04 GBA Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Messiah Riser, Super Real Mahjong Dousoukai, Zelda no Densetsu Fushigi no Boushi 
  MAG Famitsu Wave DVD - December 2004
PS2 Arc the Lad Generation, Dokapon the World, PS2 SCPH-70000CB, SD Gundam Force: Daikessen!, Sentimental Prelude, Shining Tears, Shrek 2
TOYS Dead or Alive Ultimate Gashapon, Tatacon Sound Game, Famicom Storage Cases, Sega History Collection gashapon, One Piece Portrait of Pirates 2, Star Wars Kubrick Series 3
XBX Dead or Alive Ultimate, Kasumi Xbox Bundle
Summary A busy week filled with new toys and games as we gear up for the holiday season rushing up on us. A number of the toys this week are fairly consistent sellers and we'll try to keep them in stock over the next few weeks. Shining Tears for the PS2 leads sales numbers followed by the new Zelda game on GBA.
10.25.04 DC Baldr Force EXE, Suigetsu Mayoi Gokoro
  GC Mario Tennis
PS2 Apocripha/0 Regular and LE, Armored Core: Ninebreaker, Ever 17 Premium Edition, King of Fighters 2003, Kita He: Diamond Dust+, La Pucelle Seijo no Hikari, Stella Deus  XBX Psyvariar 2 Extend Editions
XBX Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Summary Preorders for the Sony PSP start on Thursday and we quickly rack up a few hundred preorders in 2 days. Looks like Sony has another success on its hands. The question on a lot of minds appears to the territory compatibility of the PSP - we're fairly confident that Sony will enforce lockouts but rumors abound otherwise. We'll update accordingly once we have substantiation. NCS also opens up preorders for a Dragon Quest Slime Controller that should sell a few hundred units based on our preorder flow in just two days.
10.18.04 GBA F-Zero Climax
  PS2 Ace Combat 5, Nightmare Before Christmas, Saturn USB Pad - Black Variant
Summary NCS opens up preorders for the Japanese version of the Nintendo DS and the first crop of games shipping in early December. Since the USA Nintendo DS ships about 2 weeks earlier, we'll concentrate more on that side of the hardware but we'll bring in a decent amount of Japanese carts. A full listing of preorders for the November 2004 to January 2005 time frame is also posted up for reference.
10.11.04 GBA GBA Retro Cases, Mawaru Made in Wario
  GC Kururin Squash
  PS2 The Kyonshi Panic - SP 2000 Vol. 65, The Love Mahjong 2 - SP 2000 Ultimate Vol 20, The Splatter Action SP2000 Vol 64, Virtua Fighter 2 Sega Ages 2500
Summary Continuing our spate of new preorder offers, NCS starts Chaos Field for the Dreamcast and give our impressions of the Naomi version of the game. We also start preorders for GC Naruto Gekitou Ninja 3, PS2 Radiata Stories and a whole host of other imports that are expected in the December 2004 to January 2005 frame.
10.04.04 CD Initial D 4th Stage Sound Files Soundtrack
  GBA Fire Emblem Seima no Kouseki
PC White Saturn USB Control Pad
PS2 Berserk, Bomberman Battles, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow, Space Battlecruiser Yamato with Bonus DVD
TOYS Alien Soap Bottles, Nintendo Dot Graphics Straps, Nintendo Dot Graphics Magnets, Smallest Transformers CVS Wave 2.5, Takara History Collection
XBX SNK vs Capcom Chaos
Summary NCS starts preorders for the PS2 game Dragon Quest VIII which ships in November...on a weekend as mandated by Japanese law. If the game were to be released on a weekday, the productivity of Japanese workers would drop as everyone ventures out to purchase and play the game...
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