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2000: The Playstation 2, DC Mod Yearly Archives



12.25.2000 Dreamcast  Card Captor Sakura LE, Crystal VMU, Let's Make a J-League Soccer Club: Bid Edition
  Gameboy Color  Cheer Up! Goemon Star Dynamite
  Playstation 2  Bouncer, Choro Q High Grade LE
12.18.2000 Dreamcast  4X Official Memory Card, Bass Rush Dream, Crystal Joypad and VMU, Daytona USA 2001, Detective Dash, Gun Spike, Last Blade Final Edition, Let's Make a Soccer League: Bid Edition, Never 7, Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Shuffle, and Tokyo Bus Guide featuring a beautiful bus tour conductor
  Neo Geo  King of Fighters 2000
  Playstation  Bomberman Land, DDR Best Hits, Kamen Rider Kouga
  Playstation 2  Adventure Goemon, Angel's Present: Princess Marl's Kingdom, Blood the Last Vampire, Choro Q High Grade (Regular and Limited Edition), Cool Boarders: Code Alien, DNA: Dark Native Apostle, Fighter Mobile Suit Gundam, Hresvelgr International Edition, Seven Blades, Seven: Lance Moromos Cavalryman Corps, and Winback
12.11.2000 Dreamcast  Eldorado Gate Vol. 2, Guilty Gear X Limited Edition, Samba de Amigo 2000
  Gameboy Color   Pokemon Crystal
  Playstation  Muscle Ranking Vol. 3, The Helicopter
  Playstation 2  Crazy Truck Action Love & Sadness, Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore, Dark Cloud
  Playstation 2   Dream Audition 2,  Dog of Bay, Kengo, First Step Victorious Boxers, Neo Atlus 2.
  Wonderswan Color   Wonderswan Color Handheld with Final Fantasy I Package
12.04.2000 Dreamcast  Charge 'n Blast, Moero! Justice Schools
  Nintendo 64   Mario Party 3
  Playstation  Eagle Shooting Heroes, Maestro Music Magic Merry Christmas
  Playstation  Super Robot Wars F and Complete Edition (Best Collection)
  Playstation 2  Fifa 2001 World Championship, Greatest Striker, Kuri Kuri Mix, Sidewinder Max
11.27.2000 Dreamcast  Quiz Ah My Goddess! Limited Edition
  Neo Geo Pocket  Big Bang Pro Wrestling, Infinity Cure, Nigeronpa
  Playstation  Square Millenium Collection Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve, Xenogears (Ellie and Fei)
  Playstation  Rockman X5, Tales of Eternia Regular and Limited Edition
  Playstation 2  Toudai Shogi, Unison. Winback is delayed until Dec. 21
11.20.2000 Dreamcast  F1 World Grand Prix 2, Power Smash Tennis, Sega Tetris
  Nintendo 64   Sin & Punishment
  Playstation  Super Hero Sakusen Regular and Limited Edition
  Playstation 2  I Am the Coach, Stories of the Sunrise Heroes
11.13.2000 Dreamcast  Aero Dancing Tsubasa's First Flight, Bio-Hazard 3, Mercurius Pretty
  Playstation  The Blockbuster v3.0
  Playstation 2  Snowboard Heaven
11.06.2000 Dreamcast  DC Magazine GD-Rom Vol. 8, Dream Studio, Mars Matrix, Tricolore Crisis
  Playstation 2  Beatmania 2 DX and Controller, Tales of Eternia Invitation Book
10.30.2000 Dreamcast  Jet Coaster Dream 2, Lack of Love
  Playstation 2  Aquaqua, Beatmania 2 DX (Delay), Dance Summit 2001, Mahjong Goku Taisei
10.23.2000 Dreamcast  Dead or Alive 2 Regular, Neo Golden Logres, Sydney 2000
  Playstation  Dynamite Soccer 2000, Fist of the Northstar, Pocket Digimon World Wind Battle
10.16.2000 Dreamcast  Napple Tale, Sega Marine Fishing
  Playstation 2  Grappler Baki Tournament, Snowboard Supercross (Delayed)
10.09.2000 Dreamcast  18 Wheeler Pro American Trucker, El Dorado Gate, Silent Scope
  Playstation 2   Moto GP, Moto GP Controller
10.02.2000 Dreamcast  Happy Lesson First Lesson, Let's Make More Baseball Teams
  DVD Gpara DVD Magazine Vol. 6 (Japanese DVD region 2 encoding)
  Gameboy Color   Pocket Puyo Puyo 4
  Nintendo 64  Mysterious Dungeon Furai no Shiren 2
  Playstation  Ao no Rokugou Antarctica, Bealphareth, DDR Hand Controller, Genso Suiko Gaiden Vol. 1, Gunparade March, Jellyfish, Kimi ni Steady, Strikers 1945 Part 2, Tales of Phantasia (Best), The Silent Service, Space Battleship Yamato: Tracks of Hero
09.25.2000 Dreamcast  Dead or Alive 2 LE, Love Hina Regular and LE,  Rayblade
  Playstation  Millenium Collection for Ehrgeiz, Front Mission 3, Legend of Mana
  Playstation 2  Super Puzzle Bobble
09.18.2000 Dreamcast   DC Magazine GD-Rom Vol. 7, deSpiria, Sakura Taisen 2 Regular and Limited Edition
  DVD  Gpara Magazine Vol. 5 (Japanese DVD region encoding)
  Playstation  Dino Crisis 2, Ohasta Dance Dance Revolution 
  Playstation 2  Keyboardmania, Ring of Red, Silpheed: The Lost Planet
09.11.2000 Dreamcast  Jarman, Kanon
  Playstation  All Japan Pro Wrestling King's Soul, Beatmania Append Gottamix 2, Dokodemo Hamster 2, Kamen Rider v3, Le Concerto, Libero Grande 2, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, Noel 3 Major Wave, Persona 2 Innocent Sin Best Series, Septentrion Major Wave, Taregoro, The Real Racing Toyota, White Diamond
  Playstation 2   Gundam G Saviour, Wild Wild Racing
News DC and PS2 November import schedules posted, Blue Skeleton Saturn on offer
09.04.2000 Dreamcast  ASCII Fighting Pad CVS, Capcom vs SNK, Dino Crisis
  Gameboy Color   Olympics 2000 GBC Limited Edition
  Playstation 2   American Arcade, EX Billiards, Pro Baseball Gekikuukan
News Really expensive Neo Geo offers, NCS RGB cable production on tap
08.28.2000 Gameboy Color  Koro Koro Kirby
  Playstation  Black Jack vs Jun Matsuda, World Soccer Winning Eleven 2000
  Playstation 2   Pro Mahjong Next, Sangokushi VII
News Hori announces Pocket Controllers, Konami announces new Bemani handheld games
08.21.2000 Dreamcast  Rune Jade, Rune Caster, Prismaticallization
  Capcom vs SNK poster offer, new DC joypad, ASCII Capcom vs SNK FT Pads
08.14.2000 Playstation 2   The Mechsmith (Delayed by publisher)
News Japan on vacation from August 13 through 16 to celebrate Obon. Obon is not a national holiday in Japan but it is a Buddhist tradition whereby Japanese citizens visit the burial sites and graves of their ancestors to honor them.
08.07.2000 Dreamcast  Cool Cool Toon, Dogyuu Senki, Giant Gram 2000, Hello Kitty Waku Waku Cookies
  Dreamcast  Let's Enjoy the Pro Baseball Team Net, Spawn
Gameboy  Dance Dance Revolution, Dear Daniel Sweet Adventure, Hello Kitty Sweet Adventure
Gameboy  Muscle Ranking 2
Neo Pocket  Cool Cool Jam, Delta Warp
Playstation 1  Baroque Syndrome, Battle Athletess Daiundokai GTO, Beatmania Greatest Hits
Playstation 1  Beatmania Dreams Come True, Catch Kimochi Sensation, Detecive Conan
Playstation 1   Kenki Ippatsu Crane Master, Kenki Ippatsu Shovel Master
Playstation 1 Tetris with Card Captor Sakura Eternal Heart
Playstation 2   Gpara Vol. 4, Gun Griffon Blaze, Reiselied Ephemeral, Surfroid, Velvet File
07.31.2000 Dreamcast  F355 Challenge, Grandia 2 (Regular and Limited Edition)
  Playstation 1 Super Robot Wars G Generation F (Regular and Limited Edition)
Playstation 2 Armored Core 2, American Arcade, Shin Sangoku Musou, Cross Fire, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
07.24.2000 Dreamcast  Sentimental Grafitti 2, Tomb Raider IV, Virtua Athlete 2000, Zusar Vasar
Nintendo 64  Mario Tennis 64
Playstation 1  Digimon World 2
Playstation 2  Koushien Baseball
07.17.2000 Playstation 1  Tomarunner vs L'Arc~en~Ciel
Misc  Eve Zero Soundtrack + FM Eve
07.10.2000 Playstation 1  Blaster Master: Blasting Again, PS One Console
07.03.2000 Neo Geo Pocket  King of Fighters Battle de Paradise, Rockman Battle & Fighters
Playstation 1  Final Fantasy IX, Millenium Collection, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
Playstation 2  Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 7
06.26.2000 Dreamcast  Fighter of Zero, Gundam Giren's Greed, Jet Set Radio
Dreamcast  Memories Off Complete, Mr Driller, Roommate Novel
Dreamcast  Record of Lodoss War, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Handheld  Pocket Sakura
Playstation 2  Scandal, TV DJ
06.19.2000 Dreamcast   Advanced Daisenryaku, Shutokou Battle 2
Playstation 2  Hresvelgr, Rock'n Mega Stage
06.12.2000 Playstation 2  Street Mahjong Trance 2
06.05.2000 Playstation 1 Aconcagua, Brigandine GE, Cosmowarrior, FPW G Re-issue
Playstation 2  All Star Pro Wrestling, Buchigire Kongou Battle, GPara Vol. 2
05.29.2000 Neo Geo  Metal Slug 3
Neo Geo  Cool Boarders Pocket, Cotton
05.22.2000 Dreamcast   Rent a Hero, Sakura Remake LE, Super Runabout
Playstation Super Robot Wars Alpha, LE version
Playstation Fifa Soccer World Championship
05.15.2000 Dreamcast   Logic Battle Daisessen, Marionette Company 2
05.08.2000 DC, PS2 June import schedule, PS1 July import schedule
05.01.2000 N64  Zelda: Mask of Majora
04.24.2000 Dreamcast  Dance Dance Revolution Club, Powerstone 2, Samba de Amigo
Dreamcast  Sorcerian LE
Playstation Classmate Mahjong, Eve Zero, Harukanaru Tokino Nakade
Playstation Money Idol Exchanger, Rally de Europe, Tiny Bullets
Playstation 2 Dead or Alive LE, Evergrace,  Golf Paradise, GPARA DVD Vol. 01
Playstation 2  Primal Image, Sky Surfer
04.17.2000 Playstation Aura Battler Dunbine, Oh! Bakyuun, Ray Crisis, Rockman Dash 2
Playstation 2  Gradius III & IV, Mahjong Yarouze
04.10.2000 PS2 pricing at US$575, Densha de Go! controllers restocked
04.03.2000 Dreamcast  Typing of the Dead, Sangokushi VI Power Up Kit
Saturn Final Fight Revenge
Playstation 2  Driving Emotion Type S, Tekken Tag Joystick
03.27.2000 Dreamcast  Get Colonies, King of Fighters Evolution, Marvel vs Capcom 2
Dreamcast  Winning Post 4
Playstation 2  Dead or Alive 2, Tekken Tag Tournament
03.20.2000 Dreamcast  Puzzle Bobble 4, Sakura Taisen Song Show, Twinkle Star Sprites
Playstation  Beatmania Append Fifth Mix, King of Fighters 99, Ray Blade
Super Famicom   Fire Emblem Thracia 776
03.13.2000 Dreamcast  Dead or Alive 2 USA
03.06.2000 Dreamcast  Gunbird 2
02.28.2000 Dreamcast  Virtua Cop 2
02.21.2000 Dreamcast  Aero Dancing F, Carrier, the Lost Golem, the Ring
Playstation  Strider 1 & 2
02.14.2000 Dreamcast  Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix, Sega GT, Treasure Strike
02.07.2000 Playstation  Mobil Suit Gundam: Ghiren's Greed, Vagrant Story
01.31.2000 Dreamcast  Bio-Hazard: Codename Veronica, Pop n Music 3 Append,
Dreamcast  Roommania #203, Super Magnetic Niu Niu
Playstation  Jet do Go! with special controller
01.24.2000 Dreamcast  Crazy Taxi, Undercover 2025 A.D. Kei
Playstation  Chaos Break, Chase the Express, Popolocrois 2
Playstation  Rescue Shot, Umihara Kawase Shun
01.17.2000 Dreamcast  Aero Dancing Special Disc, Densha de Go! 2, Nanatsu no Hikan, Rainbow Cotton
01.10.2000 Dreamcast  Tech Romancer
01.03.2000 Happy New Year from NCS, DC Mod announced, PS2 pre-orders opened